Suileangorm Birmans

Pedigree Birman Cats


We are Sam & Yvonne and we live in North Lanarkshire, Scotland. Our Birman affair started many years ago when we were drawn to this beautiful breed of cat initially by its striking good looks. Our prefix Suileangorm is registered with the GCCF and tica.  Birmans have the most gorgeous blue eyes hence Suilean gorm, Scots Gaelic for eyes blue! Beauty is not only skin deep as the sacred cat of Burma is blessed with a fantastic nature to match its good looks – ok, so maybe we’re a little biased! We are members of the Birman and Northern Birman cat clubs and our aim is to breed on a very small scale. This website is a tribute to our cats – our furry family!

Our first cat, Tyler is a birman cross who joined our family as a little furry purry baby. Words cannot express what a joy it is to be owned by this wonderful cat. He might be missing the four white feet and gauntlets but he has 100% birman personality and would final with his birman huff alone. Not that he ever huff’s he’s the most laid back boy you could ever meet, he's happy indoors with his many toys and getting out into the garden on his harness. A big thanks to Jill Scobie for our introduction to Birmans.  

After nine months the birman bug progressed into full-blown burmania with the arrival of 14 week old  Fushoulu 'The Spells on You' aka Willow. Special thanks to Sue Miller  ‘Fushoulu Birmans’ for allowing us to have this gorgeous little minx.

Our next addition was Sarmoyah Suileangorm Lucia aka Indiana. She is a little purr machine who delights in keeping the other two on their toes. Special thanks to Judith Pool 'Sarmoyah Birmans' for allowing us to have this lovely little lass.   

In 2013 the breeding path took us on an unexpected journey bittersweet in many ways as Indi had to be neutered following delivery of her second litter. This was unfortunate as she was a fantastic breeding queen and wonderful mother however her health and welfare was paramount. Now for the sweet part; introducing Suileangorm City Girl aka CJ. Many thanks Indi for giving us a lovely lilac girl who we hope will be a chip off the old block.  

The spells most definitely on us!